Where to Find Our Food

You can find the most variety and make sure you secure your NWK goods by pre-ordering through our website, but if you’re out and about, you can also find our food at the locations below. Options vary, but we do our biggest retail location restocks on Friday afternoons. We recommend checking directly with the retail locations if you’d like to know what they have in stock!

Interested in partnering with New World Kitchen for fresh, ready-to-eat vegan meals and snacks? Email madeline@newworldkitchendsm.com

The Slow Down Coffee Co. in Des Moines, Iowa

The Slow Down Coffee Co.
Highland Park

Coffee Cats Café in Des Moines, Iowa

Coffee Cats Café
Valley Junction

Nosh Café and Eatery in Des Moines, Iowa

Nosh Café and Eatery
East Village

Dinner Dispatch in Des Moines, Iowa

Dinner Dispatch
Windsor Heights

Dinner Dispatch is not a retail location, but you can also pre-order one of our meals weekly from them!