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Reuben Kit

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New this week - a Reuben Kit!  I used to make a Reuben at New World Café, but didn't think the ingredients would be a hit on the menu without the perfect rye bread.  Thankfully, we're partnering with our friends at Cottagescapes Bakery - a new Des Moines home bakery - to bring you a complete Vegan Reuben Kit!

The kit includes enough for at least 5 sandwiches.  You'll get:

- 1 loaf of Cottagescapes Rye Bread, made with freshly milled wheat berries & toasted grains

- a pack of 10 Reuben Strips, made of black beans, mushrooms, beets, millet & spices

- a portion of our pickled cabbage & apple slaw

- a portion of our cashew white cheezy spread

- a portion of our cashew thousand island

Follow @cottagescapesbakery on Instagram for more information on their other offerings!

Dairy-free, soy-free.  Contains cashews & wheat.

Available for pick up and delivery in Des Moines, Iowa.